Special needs parents dating

But at the same time I wouldnt trade what I did for anything...My boys and I used to go up and participate in special olympics with the kids and they just light up my world...One year my “learning” and “challenging” resolution were one in the same.I learned to scuba dive despite being claustrophobic and uncomfortable in the water.Having a special needs (SN) child brings with it many of the typical joys of parenting, but let’s not kid ourselves into believing that there aren’t major drawbacks for the parents.As a psychologist and parent of a special needs child of my own, I have detected several negative effects which I’ll describe in detail below.Among the research that does exist, it is often diagnosis-specific.

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think i may finally be making head way with her (leaning towards getting tests done ekg's, pets, etc...

They are not the handicapped ones, us so called normal people are..

When I would see the smiles and love on the kids faces it just lights me up. even my marriage of 4 yrs (he left 1 1/2yrs ago)has been hard...

Luckily, a special needs dating website like Special Bridge is designed to help your child find people with similar disabilities and life experiences.

While searching for a potential match, you can look for people with the same type of developmental disorders and ability levels to help improve the odds of finding a successful match.

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