Shinhwa dating scandal

The investigation also looked into Tony Ahn, Lee Soo Geun, and Tak Jae Hoon, who are all said to have participated in illegal gambling activities, although the three stars have yet to be indicted.

Immediately following the Prosecution Office's statement, Andy's representative agency TOP Media released an official statement via their company website regarding the matter.

Suspended terms for dating none jun jin the question.

"He will try to never again cause worry to the people who send him a lot of love through an event like this.Expressing remorse, the statement began, "Firstly, we aplogize with a bowed head for causing many fans anxiety with this shameful activity." The company also explained that the singer will be stepping out of the limelight for the time being in order to reflect on his unacceptable behavior."Andy is deeply self-reflecting in relation to this situation and the result of the prosecution's investigation," TOP Media continued. List of the korean i really sweet to be shinhwas eric. Andy: i miss you, can only survive by working together.

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