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A Monday morning meeting might sound like, “We need to update the software on David, Nancy, Justin and Lisa’s machines, so let’s plan to stay late on Tuesday and get it done after close of business. Also, someone needs to catch Ralph when he is in the office so we can update his laptop.” As a business grows, this process gets increasingly difficult.Spreadsheets are started to keep track of PCs that get updated by multiple people, resulting in duplicates, or omissions.In order to find information from our environment,very often we go out query the information directly at the source, on the network.

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This task can be done in several ways, such as per script, querying WMI for example.But I had been decided that we would use the Config Mgr Hardware inventory information that is pulled during the different hardware inventory cycles. But the main question I had, is where exactly in WMI?For that, we first needed to extend the hardware inventory (Which can be done in seconds! This WMI class that I just added cannot be documented on Technet.I finally ended up with the following function will help you get the list of all of the local admins per machine: Remember, by extending the hardware inventory, we actually avoid our self’s to write a script that would go through all of the computers, connect to it, retrieve information, and store it somewhere in a DB.This is something we delegated to Configuration Manager, and he does it well.

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