Red flags for dating violence

"When a man says no, it is the end of a discussion. And he learns when you say no you don't mean no." Gavin says some women misinterpret persistence as flattery. When a woman says no, it is the beginning of a negotiation," he says. "What do most women do with persistence is they say: ' Well, he calls me so often. Bumps and bruises aren't the only surefire signs you or someone you love is in a dangerous relationship.In fact, if your gut tells you something is wrong, it probably is.

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Still, he says these are not the only signs a relationship may become violent. "[If someone throws] a television out a window, the message is, ' I can throw you out the window.'" Fast-Paced Relationships If you think you could be in a dangerous relationship, look back at when the other person began discussing marriage, moving in together and having children.

For a full assessment, please take Gavin's MOSAIC test. "When the pace is accelerated like that in the beginning, that is itself a control strategy," he says.

Physical Violence Many consider pushing or hitting a major clue that your partner is capable of violence—but Gavin says it's more than that. "And women feel uncomfortable and they'll tell you: ' Yeah, I felt it was a little bit fast, but what could I do?

Tiny red flags were scattered across the TMB lawn to show support and spread awareness of recognizing and taking action to prevent dating violence.

“The red flags all represent a warning sign that you could possibly see in an unhealthy relationship,” said JSU alumna Trace Fleming, the current Sexual Assault Program Director at 2nd Chance, Inc, and the founder of WISE.

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