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So if you are not afraid of such kind of girl you can contact me.

You are in the right place if you are looking for Polish Dating as this Polish dating site is the leading UK Polish dating service.

W naszym nowoczesnym wieku Internetu, randki online jest naprawdę zdjęty z tysięcy ludzi podpisując się znaleźć swoją prawdziwą miłość, w każdym miejscu na świecie io każdej porze.

This site is for men who know exactly what to look for - a polish girlfriend.

With hand on heart we can confirm what we said before each encore, we don't have ordinary fans, we have a family. We're thinking of playing three more concerts in Poland in the cities we haven't visited for a long time. Cieszanów Rock Festiwal, Cieszanów, PL [TICKETS] 20.08.

Also this year, we will start recording our new studio album and we'll tell you more about it all soon. Festiwal Legend Rocka, Dolina Charlotty, Słupsk, PL [TICKETS] 28.07. Prog In Park, Park Sowińskiego, Warszawa, PL [TICKETS] 01.09.

"Lost 'n' Found - Live in Tilburg" is a recording of our show in a Dutch club 013 in Tilburg, which took place in the autumn of 2015.

Tickets: Once every 10 years we add an exclusive concert release to our discography :) It is our pleasure to let you know that soon we'll add another one.

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