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There's no itemized accounting of any income received from the show in their 990-form nonprofit filings—although In Other Words' 2012 form does show 0 in "rental income." And in a phrase familiar from the "Fuck Portlandia" sign, the store cites the "trans-antagonistic and trans-misogynist" nature of the Toni and Candace sketches, declaring "LOL Fred Armisen in a wig and a dress" to be a "deeply shitty joke whose sole punchline throws trans femmes under the bus by holding up their gender presentation for mockery and ridicule." The current board, staff, and volunteers were not involved in the decision, made six years ago, to allow Portlandia to film at In Other Words.We stand behind our collective decision to discontinue our relationship with the show.The acronymic explanation of the origin of ‘fuck’ takes one of two paths: Fornication Under Consent of the King or For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. For centuries – since, say, 1650 – we’ve believed that it builds character (punctuality, initiative, honesty, self-discipline, and so forth).

It’s almost guaranteed, therefore, any word from before the time of automobiles did not spring to life from a series of initials becoming so common that folks began pronouncing it as its own word.This intro track emphasizes the irony that, although we are born “pure” and “innocent”, we have innate evil within us and yet we continuously try to live our lives by bending around it while others choose to succumb to this evil; hence the stylisation of his name (the halo representing “good" and the devil horns representing “evil”) that he’d used for years.The song’s title incorporates the suffix of the name of his hometown – “Ville” (as in Fayetteville, North Carolina) and the prefix of the notorious “Illuminati” organization. Because fornication was against religious law, the rapists needed special religious permission, from the king. In Christianized Anglo-Saxon Britain, invading kings would require that their troops would rape the women in a common demoralization procedure.

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