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I married a man with two children from two different women. That all that time you had spent making things right was a waste. I feel like I need to hurt him over and over to get him to see, what we both already agreed on. Roller coaster of a marriage for years and now a roller coaster of... As of now, being separated is the BEST thing she and I have agreed on. I have already a history posted in the affair section here in the E. I don't have much social life and that's gonna take some time to fix. When she leaves for work, I like to say, “ be safe and I love you”. He says he loves me and wants us to be family but our relationship as husband and wife is over and he never wants to get back.

I grew extremely co dependent on her for my happiness and I haven't felt any... and not getting to the main issue as to why our marriage failed. It was painful hearing that your not loved and haven't been for a long time. He's texting me from work and trying to get me to sleep in the bed with him again. ) and I have been ignoring the whole divorce scenario, we both know it is going to happen. His facebook being one and I am beginning to wonder if he has had an affair with any woman on there. I came from a broken family so my lifelong dream is to have a complete family. I find myself alone and not sure sometimes, we never had kids and for that I am thankful... It's not something I have control over but I have the control from here on out! I forgave h I'm evert me and he always got better but I just realizing he only got better at hiding it and lying. for 9 months now and still finding it hard trying to get on with my life but still feel hurt had to move back in my moms but it's been hard there to and trying to get my own place but feel scared at the same time like wot if I can't cope on my own or feel lonely as this site is... I wanted to welcome her home with open arms, and a kiss. Just two days before he left, I remember thinking I'd never been happier.

Paper presented at the Convention of Maltese Abroad, Malta, 2010The aim of this paper is to highlight the needs that Maltese abroad have through an analysis of the requests they have made to us via the migration museum website.

The website has now been running for several years, and attempts are made to keep adding more information to it, and keeping it up to date – not always easy.

He claimed that he wanted to work on the marriage so I (being a Christian woman) decided I wanted to make it work as well. She was was world, and every day feels strange and not worth going through without her. Some even say I look young for my age but that doesnt make me the person I want to be. I often feel lost because now I am on my own, as before I was used to do "couples stuff". He was abusive verbally and physically for the first half then got better but cheated many times and has a **** addiction. Honestly, I understand the meaning of marraige but when it comes down to it, do you go through life as a zombie, staying with someone because you're comfortable, or do you make a move that makes both you and potentially your wife a lot happier on the...

He loves each one of you so much he died on the cross for your... Our marriage had been over for a very long time, and I finally found the courage to leave him. Honestly I am looking forward to the day ending and trying to get back to normal. I had no idea and it completely turned my world upside down. It's putten me into a pretty deep depression spell and I can't seem to get out of it. outside people see me as a strong independent person.

On the positive side, it is good to see a sort or resurgence in interest in learning Maltese.

At the Maltese Community Centre in Melbourne, there are currently four classes of Maltese for students varying from primary school age to adults.

In the year that Daniel and I became friends, I got to know the kids well.

Our marriage seemed to go downhill quickly and I soon realized that the victim he pretended to be in his former relationships was far from... After I left him, we tried marriage counseling and the counselor felt that he is bipolar but he really needs to commit to getting diagnosed. for a long time, we married young, had lots of ups & downs over the years, but we stayed together, for us for our children because we didn't want to give up. I just do not understand what I did so horrible to deserve to hurt so damn bad.

that God the Almighty does not want anyone divorced. We have been married for less than a year, I am pregnant, and feel very lost. if including dating) has a serious mental health issue. So nice to come home (to my apartment) stress-free, no worries... I don't know how I am going to get through another day without the only person that I have ever loved. I like to open her doors, hold her hands, write crazy love letters and show how much I love her. It has been 4 months since he declared he wants to separate and it hurts cause I tried so hard in so...

Daniel was never married and I had an annulment, so we could get married in the Church. I had a large room – the largest in the house – which I used for storage, and in the last weeks of my pregnancy, weighing 20kg, I brought in the workmen to turn it into a bedroom.

Moving in, when it involves two families and not just two people, could also be a logistical headache, involving decisions about where to live, who to uproot and actual changes to the house. I also transformed the washroom into a chill-out space for when the kids bring over friends.

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