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We need superheroes like you to introduce Alfred to more people!!! Alfred guards your doors and garage to check if you have visitors, if your children have arrived home from school, if there is any suspicious people around, or if anyone left garbage at your doorstep. Attach a fisheye lens to your phone for a wide-angle view.2. Locate your phone closer to a Wi Fi station to ensure stable connection. Press "Save Power" to keep your Camera phone connected for longer.5. It just needs to be able to connect to Wi Fi, and to be able to run either an i OS or an Android app . You know, sign up for a Gmail account if you don't have one. Once you have that set up, it's gonna simply ask you what this device is used for, so this phone is my Viewer. Cuz I also have my inverter running during the day so I can keep phone plugged in to AC power so it doesn't die on me.

And we'd love to invite other Alfredians to like, share or upvote your testimonial! Even keep Alfred in your boot or hide it in a plant. Turn your old smartphones into security cameras for FREE. Alfred makes it easier to manage your nanny or caretaker, and rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands. Alfred ensures that you are alerted when there is a break in or any suspicious activities.6. Alfred collects photo and footage evidence for you. Don't worry about mounting and fixtures, a mug can solve the problem. Any unused Android phone can work as your Camera phone, start watching over your location 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes up. I want to show you that you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars, and have a home security system that costs you practically nothing. You go to Google Play Store, you download Alfred (Android or i OS): Home Security Camera. And you have one of those...let's say you don't have one of those, I am sure you can find somebody who does have an older phone and you can probably take it out of his hands pretty cheap or for nothing. It's powered up but it doesn't use that much power, so it works pretty good. Now, in Camera mode, you have some more options as well. So it gives you two views just using the two cameras on the phone.

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