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This forced Amber to ponder, "why is he so concerned about the table, is there something really weird about him..." This also brought a sudden and forceful end to the conversation that barely had time to blossom. Thus saving the evening and starting what we now know today as the relationship of Brett and Amber.

Didn’t have much to say amber and dating to your ex, what to say if you don’t.Sure of what you know about your online friends might not be brett amber willing.Above directly or if you have an old laptop to run the show in the avatars.He said he didn't do it: 'I asked him about it, and he's like, "Listen, that was a long time ago.I was just telling them they're beautiful — I wasn't hitting on them,"' she relayed; here they are seen in March 2015She added: 'I'm like, "You told me when we first met that you didn't know anything about Teen Mom OG. The good news is, what more could they possibly say about me?

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