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James Wesley Howell, 20, of Indiana, appears in Superior Court in Los Angeles Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

Howell faces felony weapons charges after authorities say they found assault rifles and explosive chemicals in his car in Santa Monica, Calif., on June 12, before a major Los Angeles gay pride parade.

Shanda Renee Sharer (June 6, 1979 – January 11, 1992) was an American girl who was tortured and burned to death in Madison, Indiana, by four teenage girls. The incident attracted international attention due to both the brutality of the murder and the young age of the perpetrators, who were aged between 15 and 17 years old.

The case was covered on national programs such as Dr.

A limited criminal history contains only felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests within the state of Indiana.

When Howell, 20, was arrested, police said they discovered three assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and ammunition in his car, along with a five-gallon bucket filled with explosive chemicals. The two car enthusiasts met through a friend last November, and Greeson had done some rim and lighting work on Howell’s Acura, the same car Howell was driving when police stopped him in Santa Monica.“I never really got, like, any bad signals,” said Greeson, 18. And though Greeson said he knew Howell faced prior legal trouble in Indiana, he said he couldn’t fathom the man driving to California to harm anyone.“He might have got scared because he got in trouble here and stuff,” Greeson said.

“He might have just been heading out and then had the guns with him for whatever reason and just, you know, wrong place and wrong time.”Howell’s most recent troubles occurred last October, when he was arrested in Clark County after police said he pointed a loaded gun at a neighbor.

Indiana has 3,631 populated places including cities, towns, neighborhoods, subdivisions and settlements.

With a few exceptions all cities are third-class cities with a seven member city council and an elected clerk treasurer.

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